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Our practice provides a range of pet care services. If you have any questions about your pet's need for treatment or a specific aspect of our service, please call the veterinary practice or email us.

We offer a complete veterinary service

Here at Croft Veterinary Centre, we believe there is more to a veterinary practice than just operations and consults therefore we offer a wide range of nurse clinics. In addition to the nurse clinics we have a huge range of modern equipment for diagnosis and treatment of any problems or illnesses your pet may get/have. 


At our Bolsover branch we have on site a state of the art X-ray machine which enables us to check for fractures or abnormalities and provide you with same day results.Images can be viewed in the consultation room so that the case can be discussed with the owner.


Another Non-invasive facility we provide is the use of an Ultrasound machine. This machine enables us to view and monitor pregnancy in patients and also carry out detailed examinations on internal organs such as the heart, liver and kidneys. 

Comprehensive Internal Laboratory. 

Blood tests can be useful to diagnose many conditions ; we can do routine comprehensive blood tests or pre anaesthetic blood tests prior to your pet undergoing any procedures to check the liver and kidney functions so that the most appropriate method of anaesthesia can be used. We can test urine including microscopy, blood glucose testing for diabetics and skin scrapes to test for mites. * Please note other tests which can not be performed internally will be sent off to an external laboratory who are efficient and provide a swift turn around.*

Anaesthesia + Surgery

We have a dedicated theatre for performing surgery where we have a wide range of equipment including our state of the art capnograph which we use regularly to monitor levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide on anaesthetised patients. Patients temperature, pulse and respiration rates are also monitored by our skilled nursing team and recorded on our anaesthetic monitoring forms.


Like humans, pets need their teeth taking care of. Most dental treatment will require a general anaesthetic and we would use our ultrasonic scaler and high speed polisher to remove plaque and help slow down future build up. Specific rabbit tools are also available for burring teeth (can sometimes be done conscious.) 


Endoscopes are basically long tubes used to look inside your pet they can be used for viewing inaccessible places such as the stomach and airways. A special pair of forceps can be passed through the tube enabling us to take samples of body/cell wall where necessary. 


The measurement of intra occular pressure is a very important part of an eye examination and is particularly applicable in the diagnosis and management of glaucoma.This small instrument measures the pressure and can be done without the need of any sedation. 


The heart produces its own electrical signals which are responsible for the heartbeats generated throughout the pets life. An ECG (electrocardiogram machine) can measure these electrical signals. If we think your pet has an abnormality with their heart for example an enlarged heart or an abnormal heart rhythm, an ECG may be recommended this is a fairly painless procedure which can be done conscious. A print out will be issued which will give us a reading of rate and rhythm from this we can take measurements and assist us with a diagnosis.


Most medications will be dispensed from consultations, generally these can be obtained on the same day. For patients who are on long term medication it is a legal requirement that your pet has regular check ups every 3 months,to ensure the medication is working correctly,that the animal being treated is not suffering any side effects and the pets health is not deteriorating *a repeat consultation fee will be charged*. For repeat prescriptions please contact the surgery, please allow us 48 hours before collecting your medication.(if your order is placed on a Friday your order will not be ready till Tuesday) Please note these requests are subject to authorisation by the veterinary surgeon.

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